Pass The Mic

2023-01-02 19:30 (IST)

Get ready with Open mic to fire up the stage on with performances like never-ending Comedy acts, Storytelling, mic dropping Beatboxing, Shayari and what not.

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About this event

If a comb is your mic and mirror has been your forever secret audience, here's your chance to cage-out your inner performer. Come make the audience cheer non-stop! Paradox in Margarzhi'23 presents Pass The Mic! Here you can perform Stand-up comedy,Storytelling,Beatboxing,Rap,Mimicry and many more open mic performances!! Never performed? Perfect! We’re nervous too. Awkwardness is beautiful. If you’re a veteran of the stage, you guys are our gems. Whose mic is it? Anyways, PASS THE MIC!

Event Head

Satish Jaiswal