Blockchain - Everything and Beyond

2022-12-26 10:00 (IST)

A three-day workshop aiming to provide the foundation one need in the field of blockchain technology.

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About this event

In this ever-advancing world, has the word 'Blockchain' been puzzling you and dwindling your confidence? Do you want to advance your learning and give your career a push? Well, here is an opportunity for all curious minds to be introduced to the foundational concepts of Blockchain technology with the aid of notable experts and ten adeptly designed modules in just 5-6 hours! We will begin with an introduction to the Budding Blocks of Blockchain and about Assembling Tech behind Blockchain. We will learn how to Utilize Blockchain and then dive deep into Blockchain. We will familiarize ourselves with some Blockchain Features and by the end, we will get to explore Blockchain Gaming. Diving into the future, let us give ourselves a head start with this unique workshop on Blockchain technology!
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Event Head

Ansh Rajput