Welcome to Paradox: Celebrating Student Talents

Paradox, the official fest of the IIT-Madras BS degree program, offers an exceptional platform for students to display their diverse talents and skills. With three editions each year, this vibrant celebration takes place in September, January, and May. Paradox serves as a catalyst for students to come together, rejoicing in their creativity and enthusiasm. The fest boasts an array of captivating events encompassing music, dance, drama, literature, art, and sports. Alongside these, engaging workshops and professional seminars empower students to learn, grow, and gain invaluable experiences. Drawing participants from various states and cities of India, Paradox ignites spirited competition, fosters friendships, and ensures a joyous learning experience.

Paradox in Margazhi: Embracing Online Diversity (January Event)

Paradox in Margazhi, the January edition of this grand fest, has seamlessly transitioned into the online realm. The event offers a captivating lineup of activities catering to diverse interests. From exhilarating esports competitions like Valorant, Call of Duty, Chess, and Yoga to enriching cultural events encompassing music, debates, quizzes, and drama, there's something for everyone. Technical enthusiasts can engage in intriguing events including mock placement drives, low-code challenges, and commerce-focused activities. Margazhi'24 carries the theme "Virtuality and Variety," symbolizing the fest's online format and the rich diversity of participants hailing from different corners of India.

Join us for Paradox in Margazhi and immerse yourself in a world of talents, creativity, and learning. Experience the convergence of cultures, ideas, and innovation at this one-of-a-kind online fest.

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