Margazhi - a time symbolising harmony with nature, a phase of unwinding and seeking balance. Ancient Indian culture has imbibed minutely carved traditions complementing modern scientific facts. Testimony to the same, this divine month commencing from Dec 16 to Jan 14 is a paradox by its very nature.

What better way to colour the festive mood this winter solstice than music, dance and celebration?

Presenting Paradox in Margazhi - where we come together to harmonise our similarities and rejoice our diversity!

One of its own kind, Paradox in Margazhi - a blend of online and offline events, accords to everyone the opportunity to be a part of the month long virtual and a day long on-campus extravaganza.

Champions and seekers, this is the arena for you. Tech-brains, time to hack into your coding skills. If your pursuit is glamour and groove, look no further. Looking for some melody? IITM's got something for everybody.

So come join us in this magnificent prelude to the grandiose Paradox 2023. The stage awaits your presence, now and then.


Paradox in Margazhi being a hybrid festivity, everyone has a chance to engage in the mega fest in a significant way. Either enjoy the fest from the comfort of your homes (via online events) or have a thrilling experience at the IITM campus as a fortunate spectator, whichever be it- there's a 100% guarantee to fun and indisputable warranty to hitherto undiscovered friendships.



A variety of events are planned that are sure to interest you. From music and dance performances to art exhibits and more, there's something for everyone.

  • Upbeat and energetic music that will capture the attention of the listener and leave them feeling good.
  • Pour out your physical manifestation of the rhythm, that exists within all of us.
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings as a form of enquiry.
  • Interact and indulge yourself as a part of the IIT-M community.

So mark your calendars and join us for some fun!

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Come one, come all! The biggest sports meet in the campus is just around the corner. With a slew of exciting events lined up, you won't be disappointed.

  • Find clues, solve puzzles and unlock mysteries to claim your share of the treasure. Hurry, the clock is ticking!
  • Get crowned as a champion of the wizards of chess.
  • Keep the ball in play for as long as possible in a game of cat and mouse.
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A virtual beginning of a saga of games, war of wits & conflict of plans.

  • Express the cryptic codes by being sketchy
  • Be the commander of your choices. Pay heed to your creed.
  • A long battle. Await for your turn. Turn the tables on the opposition.

Play, and play HARD! Fight against the odds. Feel the rush. Be exhilarated & be the competition.

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A latest introduction, evolution of minds & go head over heels.

  • Think out of the box and be the change.
  • Catenate a block of datum.
  • A virtual space interaction.
  • Learn to manage in a structured way.
  • Feel the peace.

Be the outlier. Connect and grow mutually. Lead the revolution with a new outlook.

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Looking for a challenge? Come test your skills at our hackathon! Whether you're a seasoned programmer or just getting started, we welcome you to come and show us what you've got.

With prizes up for grabs, it's sure to be a competition worth checking out. So come on down and show us what you're made of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

'Paradox' is the official annual fest for IIT Madras BS students. It's the biggest gathering that happens in the month of May every year. Moreover, we also have 'Paradox in Saavan' which takes place during August virtually along with 'Paradox in Margazhi' which takes place around December-January in hybrid, i.e. on-campus cum virtual.

Paradox in Margazhi is a hybrid fest. The online events will take place in December whereas the offline ones will take place on January 2nd. The itinerary will be available soon.

Anyone who is currently enrolled in IITM BS degree is eligible. You should register through your student mail. If you haven't received your student mail id yet (Sept Batch), you can register yourself by clicking here.

As of now, there are two types of registrations: 1. Registration for participation 2. Registration for audience. A minimal amount of registration fees would be required for both kinds of registrations.

Registration will be done on the website after which you will get the payment link on your IITM BS Dashboard under the "Pending Payment" section once you sign in. You will get a confirmation of payment received once the transaction terminates. Note: The link may take upto 3 days to appear.


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